I’m not an actress

19:36 | Short Film

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It's not an easy challenge to present the difficulties of homeless and addicted people who live beneath our city at the very moment we live,
unless you become one of them, but are you? Is it easy to pretend you belong to a society, while you don't?
"I'm not an actress" tries to reflect some aspects of addicted homeless women through a short story about a woman who's just joined a group of addicted people beneath the city. Can she make it to survive?
You are not going to miss even a moment of it!

Producer : Abbas Ghasemi
Director : Ali Jalali
Production company : G-ART Brand
Distributor : G-ART Brand
Country : I.R.Iran
Language : Persian
Subtitle : English

Produced by : Abbas Ghasemi

Directed by : Ali Jalali

Screenplay by : Ali Jalali

Cast : Yasaman Moavi , Ali Ejlali , Mina Sadeghi , Ali Abbasi , Akram Kavoosi , Ahoora Salmani , Armita Salmani , Alireza Mehran , Niloofar Shahidi

Cinematography : Ehsan Rafiee Jam

Music By : Parsa Kazem Sotoudeh

Edited by : Esmaeel Alizadeh

Sound Recordist : Mehran Behroozinia

Set Designer : Arshan Aghande

Makeup Artist : Danial Shoaei , Maryam Bandari

Sound Designer : Mohammad Mahdi Javaherizade

Programmer : Hassan Noori

Script Supervisor : Shima Bagheri

Producer Assistant : Mahdi Ghasemi

Production Manager : Vahid Moradi

Financial manager : Ahmad Jani

Still Photographer : Samira Bakhtiyari

Color Correction : Hossein Khoshbin