6:00 | Short Film

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"Angels" focuses on one of the most important needs of every kid.
The need that is more important than food, housing, clothing, toys and entertainment.
The need which is critical throughout a person's life, during childhood and adulthood.
The need which has a massive role to play forward every one's future life.
The need which no one can ignore its importance.
Do you know what That need might be?

Producer : Abbas Ghasemi
Director : Mahdi Ghasemi
Production company : G-ART Brand
Distributor : Cineport Company
Country : I.R.Iran
Language : Silent Film

Produced by : Abbas Ghasemi

Directed by : Mahdi Ghasemi

Screenplay by : Mahdi Ghasemi

Cast : Helma Imani , Reza Hosseini , Niloofar Khorsandi , Kamran Mobasheri

Cinematography : Pirooz Jaberi

Cameraman : Javad Roshan Rava , Mahdi Monajati

Music by : Masoud Baghaee

Edited by : Bahar Ahmadi

Production Manager : Karam Asli Beigi

Financial manager : Ahmad Jani

Set Designer : Narges Ghasemi

Script Supervisor : Narges Ghasemi

Sound Designer : Masoud Baghaee

Still Photography : Hossein Mirzakhani , Amir Rezakhani

Backstage Camera : Saeen Ghorbanian

Support Team : Amir Hossein Bemani , Amin Ranjbar