Night Star Model

Type of Art work: Needlework on Bow Tie

Color used: 11 to 13 colors

Yarn Material: Wool

Production year: 2019

Production country: Iran , Sistan and Baluchestan


Needlework is one of the Iranian handicrafts. Which is done with thread and needle on fabric and other textures. In needlework, designs are drawn on the surface of the fabric with colored threads. This is done with needles and hooks. Needlework is done on linen, silk, wool and cotton fabrics in different ways, and in this work, woolen threads, synthetic fibers, etc. are used. This art is performed in different regions of Iran such as Sistan and Baluchestan, Isfahan, etc. Needlework in different areas, in terms of design, color and type of sewing are different. (Handmade)